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One of art’s earliest purposes was to serve as a marker of a holy place, either a place of worship or a place of protection.

To illustrate the latter, consider ancient Greece, where statues of gods were placed on city walls to safeguard the people.

These statues were often of the Greek god Apollo, whose importance to the Greeks must be understood before the artwork dedicated to him can be fully appreciated.

Apollo was an embodiment of all the virtues that Greek society upheld as worthy.

Physical beauty and talent were highly valued, so every depiction of Apollo is of physically ideal body.

The first statues of Apollo showed him in a very limited pose, representing little or no activity, thus reminding onlookers that he was an authoritarian deity and not to be crossed.

Some stances show Apollo with a serious, grave expression, extending an arm as a waiting to those who have not followed his wishes.

However, the last representations of Apollo in ancient Greece allowed him more freedom of gesture and detailed expressions.

This may be interpreted as a result of weakening cultural morals, but it was certainly meant as a tribute to the beauty and strength of Apollo’s mind.

The graceful poses of his body, whether he is depicted holding a bow and arrow or a musical instrument, attest to Apollo’s intellectual power.

His face, portraying pensiveness or determination, permitted the Greek people to identify themselves with him and celebrate his inner qualities, in addition to his attractive physique.

Unfortunately, the argument that the loosing of Apollo’s strict representation corresponded to a breakdown in public values may be true.

It’s unfortunate that the power wielded by the ancient religion began to decline precisely as the statues of Apollo became more lifelike.

A: were superior to the early, serious versions.
B: represented a warning to the people.
C: possibly led to weakening cultural morals.
D: represented more than just his physical beauty.





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